Enable everyone to improve every web experience

Optimizely X Web Experimentation is the easiest and most powerful way to run experiments across your website.

Experiment to uncover customer insights and create high-performing experiences

Increase engagement and revenue

Robust, easy-to-use A/B and multi-page experimentation for any stage of the customer experience.

Experiment on any device

Optimizely X Web Experimentation supports optimized experiences across web, mobile web, iOS, and Android mobile apps.

Take action on results with confidence

Optimizely’s industry-leading Stats Engine helps you achieve the balance of making experiment decisions quickly with necessary statistical rigor.

The use of experimentation at Wiley over the past two and a half years has led to multiple millions of dollars in revenue growth for the company.

Isaac Gerber — Senior Manager, Analytics and Optimization

With Optimizely, we’re able to iterate, get feedback and optimize in an almost continuous fashion. We learn about our users and deliver optimal product experiences much, much faster.

Michael Chang — Director of Business Intelligence

Virtually no change will go live on the website just like that. Everything is an experiment.

Sebastian Fallert — General Manager

A solution designed to delight every customer

Create with clicks, not code

Brainstorm ideas and create them as experiments without relying on developer help using Optimizely’s industry-leading visual editor.

Target optimized experiences

Deliver an experiment variation to visitors and users by ad campaign, geography, cookies, or a variety of other dimensions.

Discover visitor insights

Segment test results by device, browser, campaign, or another custom segmentation to uncover key insights.

How can web experimentation impact your business?